Draa Heritage

Let's groove to the beat of this awesome project! The U.S. State Department bankrolled a super cool website that's all about preserving the musical history of the southern draa valley in Morocco. And guess who was jammin' their way through the design and development phase? Me! It was an epic musical journey that I won't soon forget.
What I did
  • Front-end development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web design
  • Back-end development

Documenting the culture

The beat goes on with this exciting project! The goal is to capture and preserve the rich musical history of the Draa River Valley - a breathtaking UNESCO Biosphere nestled in the southeast of Morocco. And they're taking a multi-dimensional approach, documenting everything from the music and dance to the language, instruments, clothing, and even the natural and architectural backdrops where these traditions have thrived for ages. It's a massive undertaking, but they're determined to do this musical heritage justice!
  • Rokba

  • Chamra

  • Ganga

  • Ahidous

  • Akalal

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